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Being a Creative Property Investor
The System encourages a creative approach, and that is exactly what you will be taught to do during the Property Investment Workshop.

At the end of the property investment course you will have the ability to structure a deal where both you and the seller will walk away from satisfied and where you won't have to put down any money.

The creativity comes in when you want to structure a deal where you put no money in considering that the following should stay the same:

The Market price of the property.
Your Investment (which has to be at least zero, better still minus).
85% LTV (Loan to Value Ratio) mortgage from the lender or bank.

So given the above criteria, how does one structure a ""no money down"" deal? This is where one needs to be creative and think outside the box.

During the course we spend the a large amount of time gradually introducing you to the various different ways of structuring property and property deals.

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