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What do we teach you?

Our system will teach you a great number of things including details on how to buy a property in a few ways – with no money, with a little and how to buy it and get money back. We show you how to buy in the right way – and get 15% equity straight away. Where a lot of people get buy to let property and end up making up the shortfall, our course shows you how you can actually generate between £500-£1000+ profit from your rentals.

What do you get for your money?

Firstly, you are not just getting a course, but much more than that – that’s why we call it a ‘system’ it’s a way to make money from property that we teach you and you get access to our revolutionary software, forums and get our professional teams of lawyers, accountants and lenders that the rest of our many successful delegates use. You even get a tailor made 30 day action plan which if you went out to buy, would cost you a fortune. We are so convinced that you will see the value, that when you get half way through the first day, we will offer you an opportunity to leave with a full refund.

  • 2 day course at a luxury hotel.
  • Workshop – proven step by step way for anyone to get financial freedom.
  • Software access – property deal analyser software.
  • Contact with our professional teams – hard sought solid legal and mortgage brokers
  • 30 day tailored action plan that considers your own circumstances and the way forward.
  • Monthly payment options.
  • Money back guarantee – if you don’t think its right for you, leave mid-way through the first day for a full refund.
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Learn a creative approach to property investment and be able to structure:
  • No money down.
  • Minus money down.
  • Low money down.
  • No deposit down.
  • All of your money back.

Buy property that will generate at least £500 profit per month. Learn to use our 7 second test to identify how much money you’ll be able to make without even viewing the property. Have you browsed through your local newspaper and not known where to start with finding a property? Well now they will make sense to you.

Someone said that you cannot buy experience – well now you can!

We ask that you come along to our free introductory course and see for yourself why so many people are speaking volumes of our system. See what other people say by clicking here.

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