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Why are you offering this workshop?
We've built a portfolio the hard way, we've spent money, lost money, and we now choose to pass that knowledge on for a price. According to previous delegates it's worth every penny.
Do you at any time offer property to your delegates?
Absolutely not, one thing you won't get from us is an "Investment Property"
What can go wrong? Can I get into a lot of debt?
Yes, you can get into a lot of "debt". Using our techniques you can buy a lot of property - But it's all "good debt" NOTE
We do not however advocate taking out bank loans or using credit cards.
Does your workshop involve paying a sum of money in order to buy a discounted property
No, delegates are not offered property.
Will this system work in all parts of the country?
Yes! The system works in all parts of the country. Part of the system is working out if it's in fact worth buying property in a particular location. Providing that that after applying the knowledge learned in the course workshop session indicates that it is okay to do so, you can buy property in any part of the country.
Does this work for residential or commercial property or both?
The workshop mainly focuses on residential property. Commercial Property is ONE of the options you may choose as stage two of your Investment career. Since the start of in July 2003 it should several delegates have moved up a level.

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What's the advantage of buying land?
In the UK, land is a precious commodity as there is limited supply. So buying lands puts you at a huge advantage, long term. However, there is usually very little cash flow from land alone - so we don't recommend buying purely land itself this early on in your investing careers.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes we do!
Half way through the 1st day of the course workshop we offer you an option to leave with a full refund. If you are unhappy for any reason at all you can leave with a full refund.
We know the Property Investment system works. It's been proven over and over again by our delegates… The question is: "Do you want to work it?"
Can you provide a Mortgage Broker, Conveyancer, Surveyor etc and am I obligated to use them?
Yes - At the workshop you get the details of our trusted broker, and Solicitor / Conveyancer. In fact you leave the course workshop with their cards and are free to contact them directly.
No - You don't have to use our team, you can go and build your own team. We would recommend that you use them, though as it took us a while to find them!
Does the workshop cover borrowing overseas?
No. We mainly focus on the UK market. The techniques we use are mostly UK techniques and might not work in other countries.
Do you recommend buying via agents, privately or from Builders?
It doesn't matter, different groups work for different people.
Does your workshop talk about Mortgages Notes?
Yes we do talk about mortgage notes and explain what they are.
Will you tell us how to find deals?
Yes – Everything that you need to do as a property investor is covered. Be it finding property or letting it out.
Do your techniques work for all kinds of residential property?
Yes, absolutely!
Does infrastructure proximity have an impact on where we buy?
Yes and No - Part of the Property Investment System requires you to take these infrastructure into account when working out if you want to buy a property.
What sources of research do you use?
As many as we can get our hands on! The more research you do the better! We tell you the sources to use and even provide you with software to do the analysis on.

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Do you cover non UK property?
No we don't. The Property Investment course workshop specialises on UK property.
Do you cover "back to back" deals?
Yes and No. We don't cover this explicitly, however you can use the techniques to do this.
Do you cover buying "off plan"?
Do you teach whether to use an interest only or repayment mortgage?
Yes we do. But the ultimate decision will be yours (but, rest assured, you will be making an informed decision).
What type of property is best - new or second hand?
Either - Our techniques work with both new and old property. But it all depends on your situation, the deal, and how you've structured your portfolio.
Do you deal with auctions?
No, we don't buy property at auctions. We know that we can make more money quickly by buying property that doesn't need work doing to it.
Other seminars take up to three and four days, how can you cover the material in just two?
Many other seminars that go on for 3 or 4 days talk about complex purchasing techniques that are very hard to implement in real life. In our workshop we focus on developing a portfolio quickly that will generate tax free income for you. Why waste time, our delegates use those extra days to start buying property. The whole focus of the workshop is to get you out buying property. There is no point talking about advanced topics of accounting and tax when you don't have any property.
Do you have to have a lot of money in savings or have a high paying job to do this?
No. We started with nothing, and you can too. In fact your job has very little to do with buying investment property
I'm a complete Beginner, is the workshop for me?
Absolutely! The workshop covers everything you need to know about Investing in property.
I don't have the best credit history in the world... is there any point in me attending?
Absolutely, property Investment has very little to do with you. Lenders work on a rental assessment of the property you are buying, not if you can afford it!
No, you don't understand, I really do have a bad credit history
We recommend getting your credit file from Experian and Equifax, and then speak to a mortgage broker for their opinion. If the mortgage broker thinks you can get a mortgage, then book the Property Investment course.

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How could bankruptcy affect me using the system?
It could! If you are currently bankrupt, the chances are that you will not be able to obtain a mortgage. We recommend that you contact us if you have been cleared of bankruptcy within the last few years.
We have no money other than the workshop fees - can we still succeed?
Of course you can - we started our portfolio with no money!
Can we still keep our day jobs or is the property investment a full time job?
Yes, most of the property finding can be done from home, and all of the "stacking" work is done from home. We started our portfolio with full time jobs!
Is there a way where I can pay for the workshop from the profit I'll make from properties I buy?
Yes! We now offer you the opportunity to spread the cost of the workshop, using one of our interest free payment plans. The cost of the course remains at the full price, but you only need pay a deposit followed by either 10, 20 or 35 monthly payments as you chose - this balance may be cleared sooner on completion of your first deal!
Because so many delegates have been successful, the question is do you want to make it work for you?
I have made £millions in property, so I must have done it the right way... what can anyone teach me?
In the workshop you will learn new and different techniques that could accelerate your portfolio even quicker.
You'll probably be made aware of the thousands of pounds you didn't need to spend building your portfolio.
What if I am not on the property ladder yet, would that hinder me in any way with banks or anything?
No, absolutely not.
I am resident offshore. Can I apply your property scheme by purchasing properties through an offshore structure?
Yes, that is one of the things we teach in the website.
How can I check course workshop availability?
Check the bookings page or call us on 0207 084 7116 to find out.
Can I pay with my credit card?
Yes. Just call us and we can take the booking over the phone, or you can book on the website!
How many people attend the Property Investment course workshop?
We only allow 24 delegates on each workshop because as you learn to structure your deals and become a creative property investor you might need our personal input. In which case we'll sit down with you and go through the structure in detail.

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How intense is the course workshop?
The workshop is very intense. The workshop starts at 8:30 am on Saturday, and finishes around 11:00 pm that night - we start again @ 9:00 am on Sunday and finish around 5:30 pm that evening.
How many workshops have you had and what's the success rate?
The Workshop's been running since July 2003 at a rate of roughly 2 a month.
Our current success rate is just over the 60% mark (this includes most current workshops where delegates might not have done deals yet).
How much property has been bought through your course sessions?
As of writing, our delegates have managed to buy over £60,000,000 of property (in fourteen months!)
What are the downfalls?
The worst thing that could happen is you make a mistake and buy the wrong kind of property after the workshop.
The workshop teaches you to do research by asking the right questions. One aspect of the research is to find out if there is a rental demand for property before you purchase a property.
If you ignore the system and decide to go ahead and buy a property, and then you realise you can't let it out, the worst thing that could happen is that you sell it.
When do can I expect to start making a profit - will I see results straight away or over a long period of time?
This can be best explained by using the below as an example:
If you bought a property using the specially devised workshop system you should be able to make money within the same month.
How fast can you have a completed property? Well, if you're like some of our delegates, they get the keys to their first property just 1 month after the workshop (in fact they started putting the deal together at the workshop).
Is the workshop material available on CD ROM or DVD?
No – the main aim of the workshop is to improve creativity, and this can only be done with the help of our team and interaction with the rest of the.
How much support do I get after the workshop?
After the workshop you get access to the delegates' section of the website. You have the option to join a reality expansion group AND are able to come back on open days like the quarterly Bashes.
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