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Why Property?
There’s not enough land in the UK

Well first of all, land is pretty limited, nobody is going to create more. You have probably seen the lengths developers are going to obtain old fuel stations and converting them into flats. It’s because there’s not enough land out there to match the constant demand for people wanting places to live. Furthermore, the influx of workers from the EU has further fuelled the demand. The House Builders Federation says about 40,000 more households are being created annually than there are homes to accommodate them

House Prices Go Up – Fact.

Since 1956 the compounded average annual increase in house prices is 9.5% (source: DataStream). If you bought a house 50 years ago for a £ 1,000 it would be worth a whopping £1 million today. Although prices go up and down, over the long term, history has shown us that it’s a consistent performer like no other investment. Property doubles in value (on average) every 6.2 years.

Buy to let – Worth it?

Currently the buy-to-let market represents only 11% of the housing market. ARLA predicts that this figure will rise within the next decade. Not every deal is a good one – there are many people out there doing it the wrong way and close to the point where they can no longer afford the deficit between the mortgage payments and the rental income. Our system will show you a proven system to identify a good deal and how then to take advantage of it.

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Demand for Property

In 2001 only 250,000 new properties were completed, but over 310,000 new households were created – meaning that there is a high demand for property. Fewer new houses are being built than at any time since the 1920's.

With the threat of a recession, is it really worth me looking at property now?

Even in the event of a recession, people still need places to live, and as mentioned before, there is not a lot to go around. In fact, there is likely to be more people wanting to rent than buy because they are finding it difficult to borrow. Furthermore, our system is designed in a way that will identify deals that make financial sense – we do not teach you to buy properties with huge shortfalls.

What will our system offer you?

The Property Investment Workshop will show you the significance of thes facts above and how you can harness the knowledge in the workshop to have a positive impact on your wealth. So many of our delegates started off curious and now make it a point to never miss our workshop meetings. However it is very important that you understand that nobody is going to do everything for you. Our system must be used if you are going to make money – and if you are the sort of person who doesn’t mind having to work at something for success, then you will succeed.

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