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As we have mentioned before the whole focus of the Property Investment Workshop is to get you excited about property and the possibilities. And, indeed, people are excited after they attended the Workshop, but we also believe that it is important to keep on expanding you knowledge and keep the excitement flowing by getting in touch with likeminded people. Therefore the Property Mentoring Days, the Foundation 4 Success Workshops and the Delegate Discussion Board was created.

Property Mentoring Days

Although the Property Investment Workshop may only be a 2 day weekend long, the help and support doesn't stop there. After the Property Investment workshop you will have access to our mentoring programme at no extra cost to you.

This 10 day programme is spread over the course of 10 months and it was designed to provide you with continued support. The Property Mentoring days teach you leadership and presentation skills and will also help you stay motivated.

At these workshops we encourage you to ask questions about the Property Investment System.

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The Delegate Discussion Board

Once you have completed the Property Investment Weekend you will get access to the Delegate Discussion Board. This is really helpful if you have a question or need advice once you have completed the course and have started on your portfolio. All you do is post your question or query and one of our trainers or delegates will try and answer it.

You will be able to have access to information when you need it and you can also benefit from the questions that were posted by fellow delegates. The discussion board is expanding fast; at a pace of about 200 posts a week.

The Delegate Discussion Board is great motivator as it keeps you in contact with like minded and successful individuals, passionate about property investment.

Foundation 4 Success Workshops

This workshop is open to anybody and is a one-day motivational workshop designed to inspire and educate.

The Foundation 4 Success Workshops take place quarterly, with a different theme each time. Allot of money for charity have been raised at these events. And there is always brilliant motivational speaker to look forward to.

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