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There are times in your life when everything seems to come together out of the blue and all of a sudden, i have had so many mega moments this weekend wow.

I am a d.i & i really have had fun learning from you.
Thank you!!!

I intend to fully exploit the knowledge you have passed on to me. I pray I will be a  mega successful example of the future community. 

Tan Choudhry


14th & 15th January 2006

If you have half a thought to to change your lifestyle by investment in property,
that should be all it takes to realise that this is the key to your future.

Really, very good- lived up to my expectations.

John Landon

S.W. London

14th & 15th January 2006

I am feeling so motivated, that i want  to start buying property now.

Rehman Memon


14th & 15th January 2006

I have been resigned about ever having a system to successfully make money to acheive financial independence.

The workshop has provided access to a way of providing access to a way of providing a powerful income stream that should help me acheive that goal.

Thanks Reality Expansion Events.

Charles Russell

Handforth Wilmslon

14th & 15th January 2006

Fantastic Course. Dangerous information in the hands of someone who has no intention of acting on it.

The system however will give you no test.

I have the confidence to go out and build a property portfolio worth 10 million in 2 years.

Alexander Olugbuyi


14th & 15th January 2006

This workshop taught me that dreams can become reality.

Presentation was lively and participants all had to be involved.

Ayo Awonadg

17th & 18th December 2005

I could list the amount ive learned from this team.

Even though the workshop is very intensive it didint feel like it.

I didn't want the days to finish.

I have been left excited, inspired and cant  wait  to put the knowledgy into action.

Highly Recommended Fantastic.

14th & 15th January 2006

I think this is going to have a fantastic influence on my life.
I'd Like to let it sink in a bit more before committing to a full testimonial through.

Peter miller


14th & 15th January 2006

Coming on this has been Fantastic.
The knowledge gained on this course is absolutly pricless and more than worth the money that was paid for the course.
I have potentionally already made a deal which when successfull will pay for the course 20 times over.

I can genuily se how I can be Financially free in a short time.

Ian Spellen


14th & 15th January 2006

I believe that this has to be one of the best vehicles to financial freedom that is accessable to anyone who attends the course.

14th & 15th January 2006


It's highly unlikely there is a better course for Property Investing.

Mike Royce

Milton Keynes

14th & 15th January 2006

Really liked the attitude!

I have looked at different ways of getting to financial freedom and most of the people that got there and tried to show the way, did not have the charisma & the qualities as human beings as you have.

Martina Bandziova


14th & 15th January 2006

I have learnt the skills necessary for investing in property the right way.

This will have a momentious impact on my life and those around me.

I do believe all my values will change.

Thank you Reality Expansion.

Matthew boon


14th & 15th January 2006

I believe this workshop will radically alter my life and give me and all my family the freedom to explore life to its full potential.

Steve Knowland


14th & 15th January 2006

If you are serious about beeing financialy free and changing your life - this course is for you.

Martin Pring


14th & 15th January 2006

I Believed you when you said it could be done, but know i know it can be done and have the motivation to do so now.

The information is fantastic

Thank you so much.

Lucy Brown


14th & 15th January 2006

Find me another 18 year old who knows he is going to be a multi millionare...... self made.

Either I am a fool, a genius, or simply have been presented with all the knowledge  to succeed simply and clearly,

Edward Crossley


14th & 15th January 2006

My Dreams will become reality, 
you have given me the tools, knowledge and inspiration to really take control of my life.

Carolyn Jardine


14th & 15 th January 2006

Undoubtedly the best property investment course on the market

The practicaliry of the skills, talent and experience shared make the course a must for anyone seriously considering the property market to make themselves financially free.


17th & 18th December 2005

Thank you so much, I now have confidence in knowledge and in my attitude to just run with it.

We are so lucky to have people like these to share brilliant ideas.




17th & 18th December 2005
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